60 Best 2captcha Alternative Sites

2captcha Alternative Sites 2captcha Alternative Sites

2captcha Alternative Sites

What is 2Captcha?

2Captcha is a website where you get paid to complete "online captcha typing job" as they say on their site. Basically you get paid to fill out the frustrating captchas over and over and over again. We have compiled this 2Captcha review compendium for your reading pleasure.

What is the best CAPTCHA solving site?

2Captcha.com is a captcha site that pays you for solving captchas. It can only be a viable option if you don’t have any other sites to earn from.

What is the best alternative to reCAPTCHA?

Sucuri is the last reCaptcha alternative and the reason we put this in the last is that it is not a standalone Captcha service provider. Sucuri is basically a popular website security solution. Captcha protection is part of it.

Are there alternatives to the hated CAPTCHA?

Various people have come up with alternatives to the hated Captcha. Each has its charms—and its drawbacks. For example: In a world of tablets and touch-screen phones, a typing puzzle is extra clumsy. In a task puzzle, you're asked to do something, like "Tap here if you're human."

2captcha Alternative Sites

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