60 Best Jibjab Alternative Sites

Jibjab Alternative Sites Jibjab Alternative Sites

Jibjab Alternative Sites

Is JibJab free to use?

A free JibJab account only allows you to create and share GIFs. Hence, you need a premium JibJab account to share eCards and music videos. However, if you don’t want to make premium commitments, you can use some free alternatives. Here are the 10 best JibJab alternatives in 2021 for you.

What are some other sites similar to JibJab?

Some other free websites that are similar to JibJab are: rathergood.com bluemountain.com albinoblacksheep.com flowgo.com americangreetings.com

Is JibJab a good platform for Video ecards?

JibJab is a great platform for video ecards and it allows you to put your face in funny GIFs and music videos to make unique video ecards for many occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving. It offers both free and paid video ecards. But if you want to access more video ecards, you can try the following JibJab alternatives.

Is open me a JibJab alternative?

Unlike most other JibJab alternatives listed here, Open Me is 100 percent free without any premium offering. You can design and send eCards without paying any money. The platform features two main eCard types – blank eCards and photo eCards. Blank eCards are without photos and they feature minimal designs.

Jibjab Alternative Sites

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