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Alternative Energy News Sites Alternative Energy News Sites

Alternative Energy News Sites

What are facts about alternative energy?

Why is Renewable Energy Important?Inexhaustible energy. Sources of renewable energy are in abundant supply and can be replenished. ...Less global warming. Electricity production is our biggest source of greenhouse gases. ...Improved public health. ...Economic boost. ...

What you should know about alternative energy?

Wind energy. Wind energy is one of the most abundant alternative energy sources in the United States, at times generating more than 6 percent of the nation’s electricity, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Today, wind energy is typically generated through a wind turbine.

What are the pros and cons of alternative energy?

Pros: No vehicle emissions other than water vapor. Fuel economy equivalent to about twice that of gasoline vehicles. Hydrogen is abundant, and can be made from renewable energy. Cons: This space ...

What is the most effective alternative energy?

Geothermal, by far the lowest in cost in favorable areasWind, the next lowest in cost in much larger favorable areasSolar photovoltaic, which is competitive with coal in favorable areas, and dropping most quickly in costConcentrating Solar Power (CSP), which is somewhat more expensive but can include built-in storage More items...

Alternative Energy News Sites

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