Best 60 Alternative Flash Fiction Sites

Alternative Flash Fiction Sites Alternative Flash Fiction Sites

Alternative Flash Fiction Sites

What is the best site to write flash fiction?

Fictionaut is a site that specializes in flash fiction, poetry, and other short stories. You can upload your own stories (though the process is via invite only) and can read the stories of other authors. One of the best aspects of Fictionaut is the community network.

What is the freeflash fiction website?

The FreeFlash FictionWebsite promotes a broad range of flash fiction styles, publicises the work of new and established authors, and offers stories to readers for free.

What are the best literary magazines for flash fiction?

Glimmertrain is one of the most respected literary magazines out there, and they love to publish new writers and unusual work. That includes flash fiction! They open to general submissions twice a year, and also have a variety of contests that run throughout the year, including a contest specifically for flash fiction.

What are the best sites similar to FictionPress?

Other great sites and apps similar to FictionPress are Archive of Our Own (Free, Open Source), (Free), My Storybook (Free) and Cowbird (Free). Massive online database of user-submitted fiction and poetry.

Alternative Flash Fiction Sites

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