Best 60 Alternative Sites For Dexcom G5 Sensor

Alternative Sites For Dexcom G5 Sensor Alternative Sites For Dexcom G5 Sensor

Alternative Sites For Dexcom G5 Sensor

How do I insert my Dexcom sensor?

Wash and dry hands. Clean sensor site with alcohol wipe.Peel off adhesive backing. Do not touch adhesivePlace applicator on skin.Fold and break off safety guard.Press button to insert sensor.Remove applicator from skin leaving patch and holder on.Throw away applicator. Follow local guidelines for blood-contacting components.

How long do your Dexcom G5 sensors last?

Today I wanted to explain to those that are new to the Dexcom CGM system how to extend the life of Dexcom G5 Sensors. Dexcom Sensors are meant to last for 7 days. If you are self funding or your child hates sensor changes then you may want those sensors to last longer than 7 days.

How much does Dexcom G5 cost?

The price of a CGM system will depend on which model you want and where it’s purchased. At the time of this writing, there were three available models: Dexcom G5 Mobile System with prices ranging from $550 to $860 per transmitter without insurance (which can be expensive);

How does Dexcom G6 compare to my blood glucose meter?

When your glucose is changing quickly, it’s more difficult to compare numbers. The meter and Dexcom G6 measure glucose from different sources (blood and interstitial fluid), and blood glucose changes a little before interstitial fluid glucose. The match gets closer and easier to compare when your glucose stabilizes.

Alternative Sites For Dexcom G5 Sensor

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