Best 60 Mecp2 Alternative Binding Sites

Mecp2 Alternative Binding Sites Mecp2 Alternative Binding Sites

Mecp2 Alternative Binding Sites

How does MECP2 bind to DNA?

The MeCP2 protein binds to forms of DNA that have been methylated. The MeCP2 protein then interacts with other proteins to form a complex that turns off the gene. MeCP2 prefers to bind to sites on the genome with a chemical alteration made to a cytosine (C) when it occurs in a particular DNA sequence, " CpG ".

What does MECP2 stand for?

MECP2 ( methyl CpG binding protein 2) is a gene that encodes the protein MECP2. MECP2 appears to be essential for the normal function of nerve cells. The protein seems to be particularly important for mature nerve cells, where it is present in high levels.

Where is MeCP2 found in the body?

The MeCP2 protein is present in cells throughout the body, although it is particularly abundant in brain cells. In the brain, the MeCP2 protein is important for the function of several types of cells, including nerve cells (neurons).

How does miR-132 interact with Mecp2?

MECP2 has been shown to interact with SKI protein and Nuclear receptor co-repressor 1. In neuronal cells the MECP2 mRNA is thought to interact with miR-132, which silences the expression of the protein. This forms part of a homeostatic mechanism that could regulate MECP2 levels in the brain.

Mecp2 Alternative Binding Sites

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