Best 60 Poorly Designed Popular Websites

Best 60 Poorly Designed Popular Websites Poorly Designed Popular Websites

Best 60 Poorly Designed Popular Websites

What are examples of bad websites?

Examples of Bad Websitestrionetics. It looks like they didn't even "tri" very hard to make an appealing website. ...Fairfield Consulting. A consulting company, who sells - among other things - 'sophisticated e-commerce sites' is certainly pulling our chain with this bad website.Hess Print Solutions. ...Contractor's Depot. ...AdCal. ...

What are some of the worst websites on the Internet?

Worst Web BrowsersInternet Explorer 8 This is worst browser ever I now tried to use internet explorer 8 but it loads slow this is microsoft's worst browser ever! it's sucks! ...Microsoft Edge The senile grandpas of Microsoft actually managed to build a browser that doesn't suck but is still just medicore at best...and now there are so proud of ...Mozilla Firefox They stopped using plugins except for adobe flash which I can't access anyway. Promised to be fast, but ain't. Doesn't respond, Doesn't open most of the time. ... More items...

What are some websites with worst UI design?

UI Design Features to AvoidReset Button on Forms. I do not need to explain how irritating Reset buttons on web forms are, if you have had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing them at least ...Cancel Button Located Next to Back Button. This problem is very similar to the previous one. ...X Button. ...Pop-up Support Chat Window Within The First Minute of Site Browsing. ... More items...

What are some examples of bad web designs? Link: This website throws light on how exactly the landing page should not This website might look interesting at first glance but as you navigate, you would get confused. Link: This website looks more like a circus. ...

Poorly Designed Popular Websites

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