How to train your dragon to get rewards with Fables of Fyra

Owing Silver Key Lands will give players an advantage in the world of The Awakening In the play-to-win RPG ecosystem, Fables of Fyra, players use their NFT dragons to earn rewards and go on epic adventures. At the foundation of this ecosystem, you’ll find The Awakening, Fables of Fyra’s flagship game, featuring lovable dragon characters,…

Owing Silver Key Lands will give players an advantage in the world of The Awakening

In the play-to-win RPG ecosystem, Fables of Fyra, players use their NFT dragons to earn rewards and go on epic adventures. At the foundation of this ecosystem, you’ll find The Awakening, Fables of Fyra’s flagship game, featuring lovable dragon characters, a meticulously designed circular economy, and an engaging open-world environment.


  • The game will start on polygon networkbut eventually it will come to forged vulcanThe Elysee.
  • There are five pillars that facilitate The Awakening ecosystem: BAAH Government Token, P2E CAVE Coin, Dragon NFT, Land NFT, and NFT Game Items.
  • Players can exchange NFTs in-game at any Open sea or the Vulcan Forged Market.
  • Key Silver Lands are the NFTs that help increase players’ profits, currently selling for 495 MATIC.

Blockchain is redefining the paradigm of many industries, but it is perhaps more damaging for the gaming sector. According to DappRadar BGA Report Q1 2022, blockchain games had 1.22 million unique active wallets (UAWs) interacting with smart contracts in March, accounting for 52% of industry activity. Notably, it’s a whopping 2,000% increase compared to last year.

The rise of blockchain gaming seems unstoppable. Leveraging NFT and blockchain technology, next-generation games can give users ownership of their in-game assets and enable a participatory economy. The Fables of Fyra gaming ecosystem boasts such attributes, while allowing users to migrate their digital assets to different games and ecosystems. Therefore, this creates a more interconnected experience.

What is Fables of Fyra?

Fables of Fyra is a fantasy open world RPG ecosystem that uses NFTs to give players ownership of items. Additionally, players automatically participate in a play-to-win economy where demand influences prices on the open market. Fables of Fyra is also part of the larger Fyra Oyer ecosystem, which is the virtual world where all the mysterious stories take place. It is a place for all Fables of Fyra games to thrive.

With The Awakening, the Fables of Fyra ecosystem has its flagship title, featuring an immersive story and open world environment. In the game, players can embark on adventures to learn, build, farm, create, search, explore, and win.

Five pillars make up the ecosystem and adventures of The Awakening:

  1. BAAH: the governance token
  2. CAVE: The Play To Win Utility Token
  3. Dragon NFT
  4. Terrestrial NFTs
  5. NFT of game items

If players want to dominate the game and make lucrative profits, they must make the best strategic use of those pillars.

Awakening gameplay explained

Managing the land and raising dragons is the core gameplay of Awakening. Players can use either a free dragon or an NFT dragon to get started. Also, players can use free lands to enjoy the game. However, to participate in the P2E aspect of the game, a player must purchase NFT Lands from OpenSea or the Vulcan Forged Marketplace. It is worth noting that only NFT dragons can help players increase earnings from CAVE, the P2E token. Therefore, players need both a land and an NFT dragon to take full advantage of The Awakening’s play-to-win abilities.

In The Awakening, players are free to explore the game as they wish, with multiple paths leading to different outcomes. For example, some players may focus on creating, raising animals, or training as chefs to cook delicious and beneficial dishes. Others may be more interested in history and wish to pursue multiple lines of quest.

These in-game activities play a crucial role for players to improve their skills. Why is this important? The answer is that players who have gained enough experience in various skill areas can craft advanced NFT items. These items can benefit other players and thus become valuable on the market.

Tokenomics and P2E mechanics

A dual-token economy facilitates The Awakening’s game ecosystem, ensuring both the game’s sustainability and playability. Players will have to deal with BAAH and CAVE tokens.

BAAH is a long-standing, cross-franchise utility and governance token that will offer holders multiple benefits within The Awakening and future games. BAAH holders can stake them along with CAVE to level NFT lands. As a result, upgraded lands will increase players’ earning power and unlock access to the bonus reward pool. Additionally, specific BAAH levels and holding periods can give holders unique roles within the Fyra Oyer ecosystem, providing further privileges and advantages.

As mentioned above, to earn CAVE, the soul of the P2E mechanic, a player must own at least one NFT land. Other than that, users are required to play and interact with the game. This allows players to participate in the daily rewards pool and earn their CAVE ‘shares’.

Let’s not forget to mention that there are many ways to increase your ‘shares’. For example, owning more NFT lands, assigning NFT dragons to live on NFT lands, and acquiring land improvement NFTs can help players achieve this goal.

Last but not least, all the NFTs in the ecosystem can not only increase the purchasing power of players, but they can also trade them on the secondary market to potentially earn some profit.

Get a head start on the Silver Key Land Mint

Owning the NFT land can grant players the pass to start the P2E journey in Fables of Fyra. However, owning a silver key land is even better! Silver Key is a limited edition NFT that gives players the privilege to explore special regions of Fyra Oyer. In addition, they come with unique benefits such as boosting players’ earning power and being whitelisted for BAAH pre-sale. There are only 1,000 Silver Key parcels available. Mark the date before it runs out.

Silver Key Land Mint Snapshot:

  • Price: 495 MATIC (or equivalent ETH, USDT, PYR)
  • Whitelist Contest: 10/5/22–5/15/22 (Midnight PST)
  • Public Launch Presale: 05/18/22
  • More details about Silver Key Land mint

The team behind Fables of Fyra had an exciting AMA with DappRadar. Check out the video log below:

More information on Fables of Fyra:





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